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How to choose a tent
Jan 22, 2016

Common camping tent on the market today mainly in the following three ways: simple, basic and three with type.

1. simple tents. Simple tent-only a common layer of canvas, usually manual glass rod building. Simple tent protection, comfort is relatively limited, with only the most basic of Sun-proof, windproof, waterproof, suitable for use in parks, suburbs around outdoor.

2. Basic tents. Basic tent usually has a simple, use sunscreen, waterproof rainfly, also has good air permeability within accounts, building will generally have a more convenient design. Basic tents are usually dual-use (account + combined), compared with a simple tent, in terms of comfort and protection are far, suitable for use in little wind and no rain.

3. three-tent. Three used a tent means can be individually built, you can also use separate structures, accounts can share inside and outside the tents. Can be interpreted as: the account is the only account, no accounts, four transparent tent, can be used to realize the function of Sun and rain; accounting is a complete, independent of the tent, can be set up separately, but does not have the full range of ultraviolet resistant, waterproof and strong wind protection. For long-term camping outside friend, naturally recommends buying three tents, but for home users and entry-level users and without too much need.

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