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Primary campus tent camping experience night
Jan 22, 2016

Recently, coral Pu Hui district experimental primary school held a camp on campus, hundreds of students set up a tent on the playground at school, many children are away from the family for the first time overnight, too excited to sleep at night. Many worried parents came to the school gate, kids quilts, pass meal, didn't leave until kids into a tent to sleep in.

"The more fun you can also see the Moon at night"

28th evening around 6 o'clock, it was getting dark, coral Pu Hui experimental primary school on the playground but bustling. Hundreds of students in tents on the playground, and sleeping bags.

It is understood that these children are students in grade 3, about eight or nine years of age, in which some children away from the family for the first time overnight.

"So much fun, watching the Moon in the tent. "Tan Yayun side of the grade 3 class 2 tent, while reporters hollow section at the top of the tent. Grade 3 class 3 Tan Zhiwei said that at home and slept with Grandma, this is the first time sleeping alone, and a bit scared.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, the children ended the day's activities back to the tent to bed. However, because everyone is camping for the night at school for the first time, the children are very excited, until 9 o'clock in the evening, there are tents on the playground lit, many Twitter voice in the camps also continued.

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