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Self-driving tour with fire "trunk economy": oven, tent sleeping bag sales surge
Jan 22, 2016

About 35 friends, drove to the Lake, mountains or valleys, BBQ, fun outdoor in the smoke of barbecues is that many young people of self-driving tour preferred. Warm and family camping trip is different, group picnic tours are mostly dominated by one day, the equipment is relatively simple.

"Queen shade tent, and one-time meal cloth, and radio, and barbecue frame, and smoke-free carbon, and roast needle, and carbon clip, and spices brush, and food material several......" just organization car friends to Xiaoshan to days Ling picnic since driving tour of a car brand car friends club head small horse said, if to to mountain Shang barbecue, best again with Shang speed dry underwear, and charge clothing,.

Pony says, picnic tours mainly barbecue tools and more ingredients, remaining the same as ordinary driving, it is best to take some emergency vehicle equipment, such as a line, take the wire and medical kits, car air pump. "Picnic driving personnel and vehicles will participate in more conventional car emergency kit to bring a sufficient, negotiated before the holiday, so as not to waste. "Colt said if a vehicle together more, to prevent fellow lost on a few radio is necessary.

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